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Saturday, January 18, 2020
IQub Business Intelligence Defined

Our working definition (and our Mission) is first, the process of turning raw data into meaningful information, providing Business Knowledge and Insight. Secondly, the information is made actionable, transforming Business Knowledge into Business Gain.

IQub BI Services

What sets IQub apart is our staff and approach to BI initiatives. Business Intelligence is as much about process and people as it is about systems and data. Our team of trained BI professionals strives to gain a solid understanding of your business processes intermixing best practice to architect a solution that is the right fit for your organization.

  • Strategy and Architecture
  • BI Roadmapping
  • Design and Development
  • Data Migration and ETL
  • Corporate Reporting
  • Key Technology Platforms
    1. IQub Business Intelligence Suite
    2. Microsoft Business Intelligence Suite
    3. IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Suite
    4. Custom BI technologies
IQub BI Consulting Expertise

Our consultants specialize in working with clients to develop world class information management solutions that fit with the organization’s goals and objectives.

A Business Intelligence framework defines how people interact with processes and technology. We are confident in our ability to analyse technical environments together with business process, to architect a comprehensive framework. This will deliver integrated information management throughout your organization, empowering staff with data-driven decision capabilities.

IQub has a strong history of reliability with our clients. We have a proven track record in working with public and private sectors, by providing value add consulting and delivering quality solutions.

Some key elements that define IQub;

  • A dedicated team of BI consultants. Our team of professionals specializes in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing with a wealth of knowledge and experience.
  • Business drivers. IQub consultants are well versed in working with management and staff, through interviews and workshops, to align process and technology for strategic information management.
  • Agile BI Methodology. This methodology emphasizes teamwork and client involvement and provides a structured, yet flexible environment, more responsive to BI requirements
  • Proven BI consulting and implementation. Over the past 15 years, IQub has played a key role in many BI initiatives, providing essential BI consulting and successful implementations.

IQub is well positioned to provide our clients with the vision, strategy, and architecture to empower organizations with true Business Intelligence.

IQub welcomes the opportunity to embark on this exciting journey with you.

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