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Friday, August 23, 2019
DataMart Builder

For intermediate technical users that want an easier way to build relation databases, multidimensional datamarts, OLAP databases or data cubes.

A wizard based application to gather source data and output databases tailored to you reporting needs. This application accepts source data (MS-SQL, Access.mdb, Excel.xls, and CSV files) and generates relation databases, multidimensional datamarts, OLAP databases or data cubes based on your specifications.

Create data structures tailored to your needs which in turn enables simple reporting solutions.

Please Note: You must have a version of SQL Server on your machine before installing DataMart Builder. If you do not have SQL Server you can download and install for free, SQL Server Express

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DataMart Builder Evaluation Version28,701.13
DataMart Builder Demo

View a step by step example of staging your data and then building a datamart and data cube from that data.

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Who uses it?

The DataMart Builder is for companies, departments, and groups that need a simple, low cost ETL tool for building data marts and data cubes. This is a wizard based application but some knowledge of databases as well as reporting measures and dimensions is beneficial.

What is it?

The DataMart Builder creates the reporting platform which in turn enables you to deploy reporting throughout your organization quickly and easily. With the DataMart Builder in place, staff can access pre-defined and parameter driven web-reports. As well, owners and managers can be empowered with a point and click interface to their corporate data for simple yet powerful reporting and analysis.

Where is it installed?

The application can be installed on a desktop or a server wherever it most convenient and accessible for the administrator.

When is it used?

The application is used initially to populate your datamart or mini data warehouse. After the initial load, the application is used to keep your datamarts and datacubes refreshed with up-to-date information. This can be accomplished by running jobs on demand from within the application or running scheduled jobs through a tool such as Windows Scheduler.

Why is it needed?

Many companies could take advantage of robust reporting solutions but need a simple method to build the reporting structures (mini data warehouse - databases, data marts, data cubes). DataMart Builder provides companies with an uncomplicated method of bringing data from various systems into specialized data structures for robust reporting that can be easily accessed by staff throughout the company. For example you can easily bring in data from legacy systems, access, excel, etc. to create consolidated reporting.

How does it fit?

From the IQub suite, the DataMart Builder is used to build the reporting structures which provide robust web reporting (see Report Gateway) and OLAP reporting and analysis (see OLAP Browser).

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